Lost Course

by Point Blank Range

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released November 6, 2010



all rights reserved


Point Blank Range Bratislava, Slovakia

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Track Name: No Remorse
Mild breeze carries fear and worries
Wolfs are sneaking. You can hear the screeching of black crows
I feel the coldness crawling up my spine and heat in front of me
Everything burns
Demons are ready to crush us. With no remorse!
Born to win! Kill ‘em all! No one will survive!
Mild breeze carries fear and worries
Snakes are swarming on the ground. You can hear distant roar of dark monsters
I feel the heat crawling up my spine, coldness in front of me, bitter tension
Demons and us. It is finally hear. We want to taste their blood!
Born to live! Burn them all! No one will survive!
Mild breeze carries scent of blood
Corpses are everywhere, no one survived
Can’t feel anything. Never look back. Without remorse
Will I ever find peace of fucking mind?
Born to win! Kill ‘em all! No one will survive!
Born to live! Burn them all! No one will survive!
Track Name: Never Bury Your Past
I wanna hear it! You are just staring.
It seems you don´t want to talk about your past.
But you don’t want to leave it unsaid.
I understand there are things hard to talk about,
however I can see a spark in your eyes while remembering those days...
Questions make you worried, should I continue?
You were as you were, you did what you wanted,
you made mistakes in life as all of us did and even if you changed it is still you!
I want to hear it! Smile doesn´t fix it. You shouldn´t forget it.
Do you think memories will turn to dust? No one will help you.
God please, be the way you really are! Sincere, true. Even if you change it is still you!
Track Name: Redemption
Is this my guilt?
Cold rusty cell bars, slimy stone walls fallen into decay, stinky bed
Sitting, standing, lying, walking, always about freedom thinking, is this my guilt?
I am punished for my ideals: bravery, passion, courage… I am pissed off
Oh, I am fucked up.
Punishment has begun, they want my reform, but who’s gonna change?
You are afraid of my release. Thoughts of freedom make your blood freeze
Will I return when everything’s over? Do I want to return? Screw it…
I will rather die in my own ideal, dreamed up
than in your fake and dishonest fucked up world
Screaming for freedom! Screaming for fucking freedom!
Track Name: Fury Divine
Here it comes again
Question you can’t answer
Many of you hide behind grand ideas you don’t really know
Is this your dedication and conviction?
Do you really think that your “father forgive me” will clean your conscience?
Do you really think that kneeling down will erase all your sins?
Words of love bring hatred, violence and sorrow
Instead of connecting divides and degrades
Is this your understanding and nobility?
Do you really think that your god approves of your actions?
Will your martyrdom bring redemption or just doom and sadness of the mourners?
Where are your boundaries?
Track Name: Warning
I’m standing in front of you
I’m looking into your eyes
But you look away
You should realize that you don’t belong here anymore
You’re old, weak, you stink of egoism
You don’t act your age, you’re retarded
You have no respect
You can’t influence young blood
You have no respect
Even old aces know you’re fuck
Don’t stand in my way, get the fuck out, cunt
We are the ones who reign here now
No one likes you anyway
We are the young blood, you best step-off, motherfucker!
Track Name: Never Abandon The Ship
We have each other, that’s all we need
Just like in the past, the same way today, indeed, also in the future
Day by day, year after year, I have your back just like you have mine
We ´re proud of each other, we live the way we want
One for the other, as we like it, we are fucking free!
Forever worship, never regret
Never abandon the ship, never forget
You’re carved into my heart and my memory
I will never regret, willing to sacrifice everything for you because I know you
Living the dream we’ve always tried to achieve
As fuckers come and go, close ones stay and help, always nearby
I have your back just like you have mine
You’re my everything and I love you
Forever worship, never regret
Never abandon the ship, never forget
Track Name: Fuck
Where is the power?
Where is the uniqueness?
Where is the spirit?
We all had inside us
Where is that fucking power?
Where is that uniqueness?
Where is that fucking spirit?
Sometimes I feel that’s the reason why I am loosing it.
Track Name: Lost Course
Do we still have a hope to feel the warm sunlight
and watch the seagulls high in the clear blue sky?
We lost our compass, we felt like being unsinkable
Pretentious cruiser is sinking to the ocean bed for its eternal rest
Sunlight will never brighten cabins again
Sails will never feel the strength of natural elements
Anchor will disappear in the sand forever
Ocean is restless and raging
Broken lifeboats, cracked life rings, ripped life-vests
Remains and wreckage is all that’s left on the dark surface
Silence fell…
This is a chance not to turn into a shipwreck
Few knots from the tragedy a light house onshore lit up
You found a message in the bottle and you navigate us again
Track Name: Day After Day
Day after day, like a page after page, one story following another
Moods changing like weather.
Hatred and pessimism eat you alive, swallow you and spit you out the wrong way.
Steal your judgment as a wrong adviser. Yo, bro! I can’t let this happen.
Life is too fast to stay lost in this circle.
I know life is sometimes like drowning in the sea.
But it’s only up to you if you swim towards the land or sink to the bottom, filled with negative thoughts.
Everyday troubles are dangerous sharks.
They bite you and won’t let go. My thinking heals my wounds.
Faith in better tomorrows is my harpoon. My faith is a lantern which lights my way.
My thoughts are like dolphins which show me the right direction.
You are paralyzed with your own mind and it’s time to change.
Sunray piercing the surface, I can see clearer.
We must move on, we must breath, bro!